• Whiskas Adult Jelly Tuna 85 gms

Whiskas Adult Jelly Tuna 85 gms

  • Rs40

Whiskas Adult Jelly Tuna 85 gms  Keeping your pets healthy is a tiring task! But with the help of Whiskas Jelly Tuna, you can give your cats the benefit of protein, vitamins and minerals. This is a wet cat food containing tuna in jelly form and it's suitable for maintaining sufficient nutrition in adult cats. Rich in Vitamin A and Taurine, the food helps in improving their eyesight and keeping their urinary tracts healthy. In most cases, it's not advisable to give your pets what you eat. For example, cats require high levels of protein which can mostly be found in meat-based foods. This is why you need to get the Whiskas Jelly Tuna as it contains protein, moisture, crude fibre and crude fat. Ensure to check the pack instructions for serving related queries and make use of the pack contents within 24 hours of opening. Keep your cats nourished with Whiskas and be a great pet parent.

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