• Royal Canin Maxi Adult - 15 kg

Royal Canin Maxi Adult - 15 kg

  • Rs8,910

To maintain continued good health for the mother and the best start for her pups, your large range of breed dogs and their pups need the proper amount of nourishing assistance. Royal Canin Maxi Adult is suitable for your dog during the growth and lactation times, as well as for a wide range of puppies with an adult weight in the range of 26kg and 44kg. This food comes in the form of kibbles, which are small and easy to chew. This Maxi provides a reasonable mediator detailing of supplements to promote the first time of growth and transition as the doggies progress from mother's milk to strong food. When mixed with water, the kibble easily rehydrates to a porridge-like consistency that is ideal for your dog, particularly puppies. This come in a pack of 15 kg. Share your love with your pets, but not your food, as this has a negative impact on them.

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