• Royal Canin Lab Adult - 12 kg

Royal Canin Lab Adult - 12 kg

  • Manufacturer: RUSKIN
  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Rs8,160

To satisfy their unique nutritional needs, your Labrador may need advanced nutrition. Offer your Labrador Royal Canin’s Lab Adult! Since your puppy's immune system develops over time, Royal Canin Lab Adult Food contains an exclusive antioxidant kit, which includes the necessary vitamin E, to help it maintain its protective abilities. Due to a custom-crafted energy, protein, calcium, and phosphorus content, Royal Canin Lab Adult Food aids in the healthy growth of your growing lab’s bone structure. Royal Canin for your Lab is formulated specifically for Labrador Retriever over the age of fifteen months. The kibble's shape, size, consistency, and formula encourage chewing, which aids digestion and dental hygiene. This kit is of 12 kgs. Your little Labrador will grow into a large dog that will need a lot of food and exercise. Early on, the right diet and supplements are critical to your dog's development and will ensure that it has a higher quality of life throughout its life.

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