Promise 360 Degree Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food, 4 Kgs

  • Rs2,385

Promise 360 is a rare Belgian product with a carefully formulated process. Salmon oil, fish, starch-free rice, and flax seeds are the main ingredients in this recipe, which your pets will adore. These nutritious ingredients in Promise 360 offer a well-balanced diet. It should be preserved in a safe, air-tight container. This is a non-vegetarian food weighing 4 kilograms. Its scientifically developed kibbles are a perfect size and shape for teeth, preventing tartar and providing optimal palatability and digestibility. It keeps the skin protected and preserves the fatty acid ratio for a lustrous coat. Promise 360 contains soya lecithin, which is a good source of body-building proteins that aid in bone and muscle development. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels in the arteries. Omega 3-6, EPA, and DHA are the most important components for heart health. The addition of yucca extracts in Promise 360 eliminates the gross odor of excreta. Antioxidants and trace elements in chelate form help the body absorb minerals more efficiently and improve the immune system.

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