Pedigree Jelly Chicken & Rice Puppy - 80 gm

  • Rs40

Pedigree Jelly Chicken and Rice contain moist chunks gently cooked to retain vitamins. It has a yummy flavor and aroma that helps to attract furry eaters while also improving water content in their bodies and thus lowering the risk of stones. It can be combined with dry pedigree dog food or home-cooked food. The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, a major science expert on pet nutrition and well-being for over 50 years, invented the entire pedigree Dog food collection. These Pedigree pouches of 80 grams each are ideal for a fresh meal, offering nutritious food for all of your dog's needs while being compact and easy to use. It is your responsibility to keep his immune system forever young. Formulated with high-quality ingredients that are both palatable and high in protein and nutrients. The 5 Signs of Perfect Health are obtained by Pedigree Jelly Chicken & Rice. Give your puppy a meal rich in vitamins, zinc, and omega 6 to help him maintain his best-in-show appearance. Excellent choice for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd.

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