Pedigree Chicken & Vegetable - 10 kg

  • Rs2,050

PEDIGREE Chicken & Vegetables for Adult Dogs is a best-seller for a reason. The crunchy kibble and Pedigree’s unique formula are a hit among dogs. Whistle at him during mealtime, and he'll run for his favorite activity of the day. Pedigree is food that is perfect and healthy. When your adult dog matures, he will need more energy and nutrients to continue living life to the max. Your dog will get all the nutrition he wants in just two bowls a day (follow feeding instructions provided on the pack), and the high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin E will keep his immune system forever young. Formulated with high-quality ingredients that are both palatable and high in protein and nutrients. The 5 Signs of Perfect Health are achieved by Pedigree. The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, which has been a top research expert in pet nutrition and well-being for over 50 years, produced this product. Give your dog a meal rich in vitamins, zinc, and omega 6 to help him maintain his best-in-show appearance. This non-vegetarian pack of Pedigree Chicken and Vegetables is 10 kilograms.

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