• Mamy Poko Pants XL (Pack of 28)

Mamy Poko Pants XL (Pack of 28)

  • Rs399

If you are the one looking for diapers for your baby, then you are definitely at the right place. Mamy Poko Pants XI are diapers that are easy to use and soft as well. It will not harm the skin of babies and will help bring a sound sleep as well. The Mamy Poko Pants diapers consist of a crisscross absorbent sheet that has the capacity to absorb around seven glasses of urine and spread it well. The Mamy Poko pants are way stretchable, so you need not worry about the variation in the sizes. Also, it does not get heavy as it can absorb around seven glasses of urine easily. Using Mamy Poko pants will make you forget about your baby's diapers' leakages because these are entirely leakage-free! Mamy Poko Pants' target is to make your babies healthy and happy also by providing them a good sleep. Mamy Poko Pants is one of the leading brands with customer trust and satisfaction.

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