• Himalaya Healthy Pet Food Meat & Rice (Adult) 3 kg

Himalaya Healthy Pet Food Meat & Rice (Adult) 3 kg

  • Rs790

If you have an adult pet dog and you want him to get the best food nutrients, then getting the Himalaya Healthy Pet Food is the best option for you. The food is a blend of meat and rice which provide a good amount of protein that helps the dog in its growth. It supports good immunity and promotes glucose metabolism in adult dogs. This pet food has more than 20 nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which gives your dog the perfect balance of nutrition that they need. This food also has some herbs in it which helps in digestion of food to the dog. The chicken flavor is the best for any dog, as they require calcium which gets fulfilled by giving them this food. This 3 Kg Himalaya Healthy Pet Food is suitable for any type of adult breed like small, medium, and large. The pet food contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which helps in maintaining the hairs of the dog.

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