• Flamingo Heating Pad-medium

Flamingo Heating Pad-medium

  • Rs949

Treat stress fractures, pulls, and many other orthopedic hurts, as well as increasing muscles and pains experienced in the back. This heating element through Flamingo will help you relax and sound better and stronger. The lightweight cloth including Elastic bands locks belts guarantee that it is comfortable and convenient to wear. It is adaptable, making it simple to apply to any affected region. By eliminating excessive heat, the developed double temperature gauge helps keep your skin healthy. This heating pad is comfortable to be used on various areas of the body because it has four levels of protection on both sides and 3 different adjustments that operate via 240V energy. This warming pad's cotton covering is easily washable, making it much easier to maintain cleanliness. It comes with 1.5 years of warranty from the side of the company production. Moreover, it is available to consumers in various colors so that you can pick up a convenient alternative.

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