Cala 4- Way Nail Buffer 246b
Cala 4-step Nail Buffer 268b
Cala Baby Nail Clipper 452b
Cala Baby Safety Scissors 453b
Cala Callus Reducer 233b
Cala Callus Remover 224b
Cala Deluxe Nail Clipper 017b
Cala Foot Care Essentials 433b
Cala Long Pumlce Stone 236b
Cala Nail Brush 243b
Cala Nail Care Essentials 426b
Cala Pedicure File 207b
Cala Pumice Stone 237b
Cala Sapphire File 707b
Cala Scissor Tweezers 714b
Cala Shower Cap 68502 1 No
Cala Slant Tip Tweezers 704b
Cala Super Shiner 271b
Cala Toe Nail Clipper 077b
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