Brut Original Deodorant Bodyspray for Men 200 ml

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  • Price: Rs239
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For making a good impression while meeting with someone, proper dressing is necessary along with a good scent which will make a good environment. Cologne Brut of Faberge is a floral scent that was introduced in 1964 by the fashion house of Faberge. Brut fragrance in a Deo for the proper gentlemen. It gives to man, a distinctive Parisian fragrance. This 200 ml Deo is ideal for the man who has very active fieldwork, brut deodorant fights against the bacteria which causes body odor, and helps you to keep fresh throughout the day. The distinct varieties of Brut such as Aromatic, Woody, and Fresh Spicy Accord have a long-lasting and distinctive scent that gives men the trust they need every day. The scent of Brut Deo lasts for almost 6 hours. This fragrance has a lemon top note and traces of spicy woods which helps to kill your body’s bad odor and helps to make your day more refreshing.

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