• Whiskas Adult Jelly Salmon 85 gms

Whiskas Adult Jelly Salmon 85 gms

  • Rs40

Whiskas Adult Jelly Salmon 85 gm Your pets need a healthy companion to keep them on track. That's why you need to choose Whiskas Salmon in Jelly for your adult cats so that they can consume nutritious food on a daily basis. Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, the product is the equivalent of a perfectly balanced meal for a cat. It consists of salmon chunks in a jelly form and makes up for a tasty, flavour-rich meal. Nutrients such as Vitamin A are adequate in this pet food, which helps in improving the animal's eyesight. Also, it has been prepared by keeping in mind the high requirement of protein in cats. Consequently, Whiskas Salmon in Jelly can help maintain ideal weight in cats and can keep them active, healthy & energetic. This pack comes in a quantity of 85g and also it contains information about servings. Ensure to keep your pets safe and strong by opting for Whiskas.

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