• Woodwards Gripe Water 200 Ml

Woodwards Gripe Water 200 Ml

  • Rs75

If your child has got discomfort in his stomach, then give him Woodwards Gripe Water which will help in relieving the gas problems and promotes digestion. It relieves the acidity and makes the mood refreshing. It is very safe to drink for children and infants. The gripe water is helpful during the teething period of the infants. The water is free from sugar and alcohol so it is safe to give to infants and children. It gives good growth to the health of infants of the age group of 3 months to 18 months. The water contains oil of Dill herb and Sarjikakshra which helps in maintaining the gas problems in the stomach. The 200 ml Woodward's Gripe Water is easily available in the stores at a reasonable price. It has been tested and verified by doctors for suitability to give to children. It is useful throughout the year for your babies.

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