• Pampers Premium Care Pants XXL Diapers (Pack of 32)

Pampers Premium Care Pants XXL Diapers (Pack of 32)

  • Rs1,149

Your children are entitled to the best possible protection to keep them in their happy place. Pampers Premium Care Pants have been made specifically for them to offer extra comfort, long-lasting absorption, and to avoid skin rashes. The pant type diaper is simple to wear and doesn't get heavy over time thanks to its three absorbing channels, which are made of light and silky-soft materials. It also prevents leakage and keeps the baby dry and fresh. The product's other standout feature is its S-curve shape, which allows the pants to perfectly wrap around the infant's legs and allow them to move freely. Pampers Premium Care Pants comes in XXL size with 32 diapers in this pack. It is ideal for children weighing between 15 – 25 kg. You can tell when to change these diapers by looking at the wetness indicator. To prevent friction and protect the skin's surface, the formula is also infused with baby lotion. With these Premium Care Pants, you can nurture your little ones and provide them with the best possible comfort.

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