• Mamy Poko Pants Diapers XXL (Pack of 22)

Mamy Poko Pants Diapers XXL (Pack of 22)

  • Rs399

When it comes to her baby's health, mothers are always concerned. Mothers should now put their fears to rest. MamyPoko is committed to creating a long-term solution to their issues. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb gives your child the ease they need with its criss - cross absorbent cover, which can absorb up to 7 glasses of urine while distributing it evenly to avoid heaviness. The diaper's elastic thigh support adds to this comfort by eliminating gaps between the diaper and the baby's thighs, that avoids leakage and ensures a restful night's sleep for both mother and child. She understands that in order for her baby to develop better and happier, he or she needs to sleep well at night. This pack of MamyPoko Pants contains 22 diapers of size XXL (15-25kg) When it comes to how a diaper will help her baby sleep peacefully all night, a mother's fears are still observable. So go ahead and get MamyPoko Pants!

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