• Pigeon 07855 Strawberry Toothpaste 45g

Pigeon 07855 Strawberry Toothpaste 45g

  • Rs165

Pigeon baby toothpaste is a great way to keep your baby's teeth healthy. This children's toothpaste has an exciting strawberry flavor that will turn brushing time exciting for your child. Pigeon toothpaste is manufactured with special ingredients that contain less foam, such as pure glycerin and calcium phosphate. And if your child swallows the toothpaste's components and flavoring, they are completely harmless. The strawberry-flavored toothpaste smells and tastes delicious, and your kid will enjoy it. Pigeon toothpaste, which comes in a 45-gram tube, is designed for children aged one to six years. Pigeon toothpaste is an excellent way to keep your baby's teeth clean and free of dental problems. Another advantage of Pigeon toothpaste's strawberry flavor is its antibacterial properties. It aids in the development of young babies' taste buds while also brushing their teeth and gums. With the aid of this Pigeon children's toothpaste, you can ensure that your child's pearly whites are safe and powerful. This children's toothpaste helps to keep gums safe and prevents tooth decay.

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