Colgate Kids Spiderman Toothbrush

  • Rs79

Key Features:

  • Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal has 17x Slimmer Tip Bristles (vs ordinary end rounded bristles) specially designed to sweep away food and plaque from along gum line and Narrow gaps between teeth
  • The soft bristles clean deep between and behind your teeth, reaching spots that regular bristles cannot reach effectively removing germs
  • Colgate Kids Spiderman toothbrush comes with your child’s favorite super-hero to make brushing exciting and fun
  • Especially designed for kids of ages 5 years and above, the extra soft bristles of the kids brush work gently on their developing teeth and gums


  • Its charcoal infused extra soft bristles remove plaque bacteria.
  • Colgate interdental brushes are recommended to aid patients with interproximal plaque removal.
  • It has a Unique Triangular Brush Head with Tri Proxi  bristles cross-section allowing for effective plaque removal from interdental spaces where caries and gum problems frequently develop.
  • It also has a unique handle design which allows ease of use even in difficult to reach areas which is especially important for older patients.

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