• Papia Toilet Roll 3 Ply (Pack of 8)

Papia Toilet Roll 3 Ply (Pack of 8)

  • Rs550

Papia Toilet Roll 3 Ply 8 Nos Tissue is made of paper. Tissue rolls are soft and absorbent. Apart from the bathroom, this product is multipurpose and can be used in kitchens, offices, and when travelling. In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, this is a fantastic usage. Papia makes sure to provide their customers with long-lasting, high-quality tissues that are easy to use. The Papia 3 ply toilet tissue roll has a cushiony feel to it and is built for ease of use. It has a softness that you will adore. The tissue has a thick texture and is three-layered with three plies. Use of toilet tissue is the most hygienic choice. It keeps you dry and avoids infection. The tissue is a single-use item. It conveniently fits into the dispenser, making it simple to use and long-lasting. The tissue roll has a hollow tube in the middle that allows it to fit into any dispenser and roll through subsequent pulls. This pack contains 8 rolls of Papia 3 ply toilet paper. Each tissue roll has a length of 21.25 cm, a width of 23 cm, and a height of 20 cm. When in use, this 3-ply toilet tissue design provides dependable strength. It doesn't fall apart easily because of its thickness.

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