• Papia Toilet Roll 3 Ply (Pack of 4)

Papia Toilet Roll 3 Ply (Pack of 4)

  • Rs290

The very popular and healthy Papia Toilet Rolls are made up of papers. The Papia toilet rolls come in a pack and are easy to use and ready to use toilet rolls. The quality of papers in making these toilet rolls is already at its best, and the pieces are not at all harmful to the environment. Our products from Papia are all environment-friendly products. Not only for toilet use but these rolls are made up of papers that could be used in kitchens, offices, traveling purposes, etc. To keep things clean and hygienic around you, especially in these pandemic days, Papia toilet rolls are the best to keep you safe from germs. The size of the paper rolls are good to use in your day to day life. The rolls are thick which makes it pretty handy to use. These toilet rolls from Papia are safe to use and not harsh on the skin too.

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