• Whiskas Kitten Jelly In Chicken 85 gms

Whiskas Kitten Jelly In Chicken 85 gms

  • Rs40

Whiskas Kitten Chicken in Jelly 85 g Whiskas Chicken in Jelly is a cat food that is rich in nutrients and ideal for maintaining a balanced diet. Your pet cats require constant attention and a healthy routine to keep them active and energetic. This wet food is suitable for kittens and is prepared in a jelly form, comprising natural ingredients such as chicken and wholegrain cereals. It's not always preferable to feed pets home-cooked food, as they might require a focused set of nutrients to keep them strong and happy. That's why you need to get Whiskas Chicken in Jelly, as it contains the right nutrients that kittens need during their growth period. High levels of protein, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids in the product, helps keep the small ones nourished and well-hydrated. The jelly food is also easy to digest and it aids in maintaining a healthy urinary tract in cats by means of its moisture content. Get this flavourful & delicious bowl of goodness to your kittens and build a beneficial lifestyle for them.

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