Cerelac Stage 4 Dal Veg 300 Gm

  • Rs289

Nestle Cerelac Stage 4 Dal Veg is a dietary supplement for children aged 12 months and older. Cerelac Stage 4 Dal Veg meets 55 percent of a baby's daily iron needs, despite the fact that babies and infants need more supplements than adults. It also contains 19 essential supplements, such as nutrients and minerals. Nestle develops baby food using cutting-edge research and development. A new-born child's health is dependent on the careful and clean preparation of his or her food. If you use less scoops than prescribed, your new-born infant will not get all of the nutrients he or she needs. Powdered milk is an excellent way to help your baby grow stronger and healthier. Most mothers prefer "Cerelac" for their babies' growth and immune system development because it has earned the confidence of mothers. Aside from Dal Veg, there are some other flavours to choose from.

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