Raphael Shampoo Ultra Nourish Argan 250 ml

  • Brand: Raphael
  • Rs349

Raphael Ultra Nourish Argan Shampoo helps to fight hairfall, roughness and split ends. The goodness of Argan helps to prevent dryness and reduce frizziness. 

Ideal for all hair types.


  • Ultra- Nourish Argan: Argan helps to increase the hair’s shine while reducing the frizz to the minimum.
  • Protects the hair: It acts as a great sun and heat protectant especially for color-treated hair that needs extra protection to preserve the vibrancy of the colors.
  • More Manageable and shiner: The natural conditioning property of the argan oil makes hair more smoother and shinier than ever before by nourishing the scalp.

About the brand:

Raphael Ultra Nourish Argan Shampoo is Sulfate , Paraben and Cruelty free


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