Beurer Digital Thermometer FT-09

  • Rs295

Bring home a digital oral thermometer to check the body temperature anytime you want. The Digital thermometer from Beurer serves high accuracy along with precision. This thermometer is completely waterproof and does not contain any kind of mercury. Once using it, one can easily disinfect the germs from this digital waterproof Beurer's thermometer. A protective cover comes along with the purchase of a Thermometer. This cover is useful to prevent the thermometer from being caught by germs and bacteria. The cover protects against such germs and fights back against bacteria. While not using the digital thermometer, it automatically gets switched off. The display and the quality of the digital thermometer are wide and are of high quality. It consists of a three-digit display and a digital display. The FT 09 comes in a pack of 1 digital oral thermometer. The Measurement accuracy is ± 0.1°C (between 35.5 and 42°C) which is better than the other brands.

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