• Papia Facial Tissue Box 100 Pulls

Papia Facial Tissue Box 100 Pulls

  • Rs110

Papia has been known as a brand for years for serving tissue rolls for the toilet, the kitchen, for cleaning surfaces, facial tissues, and much more. The thickness of these tissues makes it more reliable and kills germs and bacteria. Facial tissues are what we need the most now in this scorching heat of Summer as it is not possible to wash the face frequently when you stay outdoors most of the time, but you can carry it easily anywhere and anytime you want. Also, it is ready to use at any time in a moment. It comes in a pack of 100 tissues. As it is specially designed for facial use, the tissues are wet and thick so one can easily rub it on the face and can remove the dust even being outdoors without any face wash and white in color. This product of Papia is a travel-friendly product along with being pocket-friendly.

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